Kathy Griffin says Trump supporters are ‘crazed over me’ years after severed head photo

Comedian Kathy Griffin claimed Tuesday that supporters of former President Donald Trump are “crazed” over her, referencing the pushback and criticism she has received from Trump supporters over the last several years.

Trump supporters have regularly criticized Griffin after she posted a photo of herself holding a fake severed head resembling the former president. Most recently, a protest by Trump supporters was held outside of a comedy show she was doing in New York, which is part of her “My Life on the PTSD List” tour.

“They’re crazed over me!” Griffin said on ABC’s The View. “So there was an actual parade Sunday night at my show in Huntington, New York, and they had all these Trumpers, organize an anti-Kathy Griffin parade. It was kind of funny because they did have a bobbing redhead of me, an effigy, and they had — they were shouting ‘I’m a traitor’ and all this other stuff. But the audience came and saw it, so it was like hate on the outside and inclusive love and laughs on the inside and it was sold out.”

The protest against Griffin consisted of 17 vehicles that were decorated with U.S. flags or pro-Trump flags. Several protesters were also carrying signs to protest against either President Joe Biden or Griffin, according to a report.


Griffin also reflected on the feud she started on social media with billionaire X owner Elon Musk, claiming that she loves “starting beefs with very powerful men.” The feud occurred in November 2022 when she used her account on X to impersonate Musk and claim that he was for abortion rights after speaking to all the mothers of his nine children, making the billionaire “livid,” Griffin claimed.

Griffin’s account was suspended over this impersonation, prompting Musk to clarify that any account impersonating someone without clarifying it is a parody account would be permanently suspended. Her account was reinstated around two weeks after the feud started.

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