Ex-Trump Aide Says Seizing This Property Would ‘Really Hit Him Where It Hurts’

Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former Donald Trump White House aide, suggested New York Attorney General Letitia James would shatter the ex-president if she went after Trump Tower.

MSNBC’s Alex Witt on Sunday asked the onetime “Apprentice” contestant if there’s a property that is particularly dear to Trump, who faces a Monday deadline to put up a $464 million appeals bond for his civil fraud judgment or face the seizure of his assets by James.

“I’ll have to say that it’s Trump Tower,” Manigault Newman said. “As you know, it was the centerpiece and the backdrop of ‘The Apprentice’ that was shown to the millions of people who tuned into our show every single week. It’s where we lived for all those months that we were shooting.”

“Donald Trump loves Trump Tower,” she added of the Midtown Manhattan skyscraper. “And if AG Tish went after this particular property, it would really hit him where it hurts.”

In a frantic fundraising email to supporters last week, Trump begged supporters for help and told them “insane radical Democrat AG” James was planning to seize his New York properties, including “THE ICONIC TRUMP TOWER!”


Manigault Newman also warned that Trump is at his most volatile when under strain.

“It’s so evident that Donald Trump has his back against the wall and I have to tell you, a stressed out Trump is a very dangerous Trump,” she said.

“I would be surprised tomorrow if he didn’t try to seize the spotlight with one of his famous antics” to distract from his legal predicament, she added.

Manigault Newman departed her Trump administration role as the director of communication for the Office of Public Liason in 2017 and subsequently published a scathing memoir about her experience working for Trump.

Trump was ordered last month to pay more than $350 million plus interest in damages for engaging in decades of fraudulent business practices. He must post the nearly half-billion-dollar bond while he appeals the verdict.

See her commentary on MSNBC below.

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