Susan Rice Sounds The Alarm On How Trump’s Debts Could Risk U.S. Security

Former U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Wednesday talked about the threat that could be posed to America’s security over the hundreds of millions of dollars that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump owes in civil trials damages.

Trump owes “some $500 million or more,” is struggling to meet the bond in his $464 million fraud ruling and so “you have to wonder where he’s going to get that money from,” the Obama White House official told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell.

“In the event that [Trump] has to take that money from an individual or an entity, whether domestic or international, that individual or entity will potentially have real influence over him and so that is of concern” if he returns to the White House, said Rice.

Rice noted Trump’s “long history of foreign financial entanglements” and warned, “There’s just so many ways the stench of money from dubious places infuses his business enterprise and so this would add more questions should that be the case going forward.”

But “the big picture is even beyond the foreign financial entanglements,” added Rice, recalling Trump’s frequent siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his praise of dictators and his threat to abandon America’s allies in the NATO military alliance.

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