RNC Already Helping Raise Money For Trump’s Legal Bills, Despite Campaign’s Claims

WASHINGTON — Despite previous claims that the Republican National Committee would not be paying Donald Trump’s various legal bills, an invitation to a Palm Beach, Florida fundraiser next month shows that the Save America committee Trump has been using for that purpose will, in fact, be a recipient of donor money.

The fundraiser for a joint committee called “Trump 47” is to be held on April 6, according to an invitation obtained by HuffPost, with a “chairman” level donation set at $814,600 per person, and a “host” level at $250,000.

A Tuesday filing with the Federal Election Commission states that Trump 47 raises money for the Trump campaign, as well as Save America, the Republican National Committee and 40 state-level Republican committees.

The invitation does not state how much of each donation would go to each entity, and the Trump campaign did not respond to a HuffPost query.

However, a supplementary document obtained by The Associated Press states that of each donation, the first $6,600 will go to the Trump campaign, the next $5,000 to Save America and the rest to the RNC and the various state parties.

Flyer for a Republican fundraiser for Donald Trump, obtained by HuffPost.
Flyer for a Republican fundraiser for Donald Trump, obtained by HuffPost.

Top Trump aide Chris LaCivita earlier this month told the AP that no RNC money would be spent on Trump’s legal fees.

That allocation could result in many tens of millions of dollars of donor money being diverted to an entity that has primarily paid Trump’s bills for his criminal prosecutions, his civil fraud case in New York and the defamation case brought against him by E. Jeanne Carroll.

Trump’s current fundraising operation sends 90 cents of each dollar it raises to his campaign, and gives 10 cents to Save America.

The new formula for Trump 47 potentially could send far more money to Save America — which, because it’s regulated as a different kind of committee from Trump 47, can effectively be used as Trump’s personal slush fund.

Trump last year spent $54.2 million in political contributions — most of it from his army of small dollar donors, many of them retirees — to pay his lawyers, according to a HuffPost analysis of FEC filings.

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