Ex-Labor Secretary Decodes Trump’s ‘Hitler’s Playbook’ Approach

Bill Clinton-era Labor Secretary Robert Reich, in a new YouTube video, drew parallels between the tactics and rhetoric currently being deployed by Donald Trump ― and the presumptive GOP nominee’s plans should he win back the White House ― and those used by Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler.

They included using threats of violence to gain power, consolidating that power after an election victory by turning “every arm of government into a tool of the party” (which Trump reportedly wants to do), the establishment of a police state (also a Trump desire), the jailing of political opposition (ditto) and the undermining of the free press (Trump repeatedly attacks media organizations that cover him critically).

“Within a democracy, we may often have leaders we don’t like but we have the power to change them at the ballot box and through public pressure,” Reich said in the video titled “How Trump Is Following Hitler’s Playbook.”

But “once fascism takes hold those freedoms are gone and cannot easily be won back,” warned Reich, who has previously explained in another video why he believes Trump is a fascist.

“We must recognize the threat of fascism when it appears and do everything in our power to stop it,” he added.

Trump has reportedly expressed admiration for Hitler, with critics arguing he’s parroted the dictator’s language with some of his most recent inflammatory comments.

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