Biden Campaign Repurposes Old Meme To Troll ‘Stable Genius’ Trump

President Joe Biden’s campaign reworked the swerving car meme to attack presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump over his most recent controversial comments.

In the image that the Biden campaign shared on X late Tuesday, a car captioned as Trump is seen swerving away from a sign to “being normal for literally one week.”

Instead, it off-ramps toward Trump’s “bloodbath” warning, his reported claim that Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler “did some good things” and his unfounded argument that Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats “hate their religion.”

The vehicle also speeds towards a “national abortion ban,” “anti-immigrant hate” and “forgetting who he’s running against.”

“Stable genius,” the Biden campaign captioned the image.

According to the KnowYourMeme website, the so-called “Left Exit 12 Off Ramp” meme originated from a 2013 YouTube video called “How to exit freeway like a boss.” It was first turned into a meme in 2017.

The Biden campaign also responded to Trump’s “bloodbath” warning if he loses the election— which Trump’s allies have insisted was about the economy — with this ad:

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