Trump Fans At Rally Give Stunning Reasons To Want Trump Back

Fans outside Trump’s Ohio rally gave Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) hosts some stunning reasons for supporting ex-President Donald Trump to win in 2024, including that he “tells the truth” and would restore “morality.”

Trump gave a speech in Dayton, Ohio on Friday night, but fans lined up for hours beforehand, and RSBN host Matthew Alvarez and co-host Vanessa Broussard were there to interview Trump fans waiting in line — as is their habit.

They have spawned a slew of practitioners of the Trump-fan-on-the-street interview that has become the mainstay of folks like CNN’s Donie O’SullivanThe Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper. but RSBN hosts interview Trump supporters on the square.

Among the many over-the-top scenes from outside the rally — many of which were flagged by social media users — were a few standouts.

Broussard corralled one attendee and asked what he loves most about Trump — who is not well-known for fidelity to fact — and Rusty replied it’s the constant truth:

VANESSA BROUSSARD: First time to see President Trump.RUSTY: Yes, ma’am.VANESSA BROUSSARD: What do you love most about the president?RUSTY: I think that, I think he actually tells the truth. And for a rich man, I don’t know that that’s the most. I don’t know if you’d really expect that, but I think he’s been more truthful with us

than most the professional politicians I’ve been in my lifetime.VANESSA BROUSSARD: He’s an outsider, and an outsider understands the people.RUSTY: Yes he does. I agree with you there.

Another set of fans told Alvarez that “Jesus is king” and Trump will restore “morality”:

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: And I’m on your thoughts, man. You know I was coming to you, especially with those shades, bro. Well, what are your thoughts in general? Just the fact of what the country is dealing with now versus what it dealt with. You know, under, under Trump. It was a much better then, wasn’t it?TRUMP FAN 3: Yeah. We lost a lot of morality that I think we need to gain back.TRUMP FAN 1: Yes. Absolutely!

Watch above via RSBN.

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