Susan Glasser Calls Out Trump Over Bloodbath Remarks

New Yorker writer Susan Glasser slammed former President Donald Trump over his “bloodbath” remark, claiming the country has become “inured” to his “threatening” language.

During an Ohio rally on Saturday, Trump claimed there “bloodbath” if he does not defeat President Joe Biden in the November general election. Trump’s allies and supporters pointed out that he was discussing the auto industry at the time of the comment, saying that he meant an economic bloodbath.

On Sunday’s edition of ABC’s This Week, Glasser called Trump’s comments “un-American” and said journalists struggle to cover Trump’s remarks because the country has become “desensitized” to his “threatening” rhetoric.

Donald Trump, it seems to me it’s very hard eight years into this, we still struggle with how to cover him as journalist. But in a way, the unhinged, rambling rants that you see from the former president of the United States are baked in. And I think in a way, we are all desensitized and inured to the extraordinary, remarkable, and very, at times un-American and threatening things that the former president is saying. I’m not saying it’s easy to understand how to cover it, but I think we have to cover it. When the former president, who has already incited violence among his followers, says that there’s going to be a bloodbath, what,

after the election, if he does not win, he is telling us what he is going to do.

Other panel guests claimed Trump’s “bloodbath” comments were distracting and that the main issue voters should be worried about is the former president’s 100% tariff policy on automobiles coming from Mexico. Glasser disagreed, adding that Trump is “building alternate reality of America that is built on lies.”

Donald Trump is attacking in a broad brush sense, the basic pillars of American democracy, period. Full stop. If that’s not news to you, it’s not about tariffs. That’s not the reason why millions of Americans are supporting Donald Trump. Let’s be real about that. You have a Republican congressman who came on here today, and he can’t even condemn in forthright, straightforward, honest terms, the ransacking of the United States Capitol by thousands of Trump supporters.He says, “Well, you know, maybe there’s some problems with that.” Donald Trump opens his campaign rally, Sarah, by saying, these are martyrs, these are victims, these are heroes. His whole campaign now is being built around an alternate reality, by the way, constructed on an enormous number of lie after lie after lie. That’s what he’s peddling to the American people, not tariff policy. He’s peddling an alternate reality vision of America that is built on lies. Let’

s be honest about that.

Watch the clip above via ABC News.

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