Trump’s hush money trial delayed as prosecutor quits Georgia election interference case: Live

Fani Willis accuses prosecution of ‘lying’ as she takes stand

It was a busy week for Donald Trump’s criminal cases.

Judge Juan Merchan has ruled that his New York hush-money trial will be pushed back by 30 days from today following a dump of new evidence for both parties to consider — the original start date was 25 March.

The former president’s defence team had asked for longer but the ruling was in line with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s suggestion of a month delay.

Earlier on Friday, Judge Scott McAfee denied a bid to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from Mr Trump’s Georgia election interference case.

DA Willis had been subjected to a high-stakes series of hearings in recent weeks after attorneys for the former president and his codefendants called for her disqualification from the case.

While she will not be disqualified from prosecuting the RICO case, either she or special prosecutor Nathan Wade must step down — which Mr Wade did.

Mr Trump was also in court in Florida this week, attempting to have the criminal case into his alleged mishandling of classified documents thrown out.

Judge Aileen Cannon has dismissed one of the motions and is yet to rule on the other.


The “acid” the former president is referring to was reportedly software called BleachBit…

Oliver O’Connell16 March 2024 04:15


ICYMI: Georgia judge drops six charges against Trump

Before handing down his ruling on the Fani Willis disqualification hearing, the judge overseeing Donald Trump’s election interference case in Georgia has dismissed several charges against the former president and five of his co-defendants but has stressed that his decision “does not mean the entire indictment is dismissed.”

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee did not throw out the racketeering charges facing all defendants in the sweeping election interference case and has refused to throw out certain “overt acts” in the indictment against them.

The judge dismissed three charges against Mr Trump stemming from an alleged pressure campaign to solicit state officials to violate their oaths of office and subvert Georgia’s election results to overturn his 2020 presidential election loss.

Oliver O’Connell16 March 2024 02:15


Pence sensationally reveals he’s not endorsing Trump

Former vice president Mike Pence announced that he would not endorse former president and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in 2024 in an interview with Fox News on Friday.

Mr Pence’s words come after Mr Trump secured enough delegates to become the Republican nominee for president. Host Martha MacCallum asked Mr Pence about how other Republican candidates for president backed the former president and whether Mr Pence would.

Eric Garcia reports from Washington, DC:

Oliver O’Connell16 March 2024 00:15


Analysis: The ‘authoritarian’ lessons Trump and the Republicans want to learn from Orbán’s Hungary

Katie Hawkinson spoke to experts on US-Hungary relations to find out what the impact of Donald Trump’s relationship with Viktor Orbán could be should the former president be re-elected.

Oliver O’Connell15 March 2024 22:15


Navarro asks Supreme Court for helping staving off jail sentence

Former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro has asked the Supreme Court to help him stave off his jail sentence.

Navarro was found guilty of contempt of Congress for defying the January 6 select committee’s subpoena and must report to federal prison in Miami by Tuesday to serve four months in jail.

Oliver O’Connell15 March 2024 22:05


ANALYSIS: After Fani Willis ruling, what happens next in Trump’s election subversion case?

But only if the lead prosecutor and a former romantic partner she hired was willing to step down.

The judge overseeing the case against Mr Trump and more than a dozen of his allies rejected their attempts to dismiss the case and refused to disquality Ms Willis following hours of testimony and arguments over allegations that she financially benefited from Nathan Wade’s hiring.

A decision from Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee on 15 March offered her a choice: she can remove herself from the case, along with her entire office, or Mr Wade can step aside.

Continue reading to find out what will likely happen next…

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Full story: Trump’s hush money trial delayed until April after new dump of potential evidence

Kelly Rissman has the details and background to the judge’s decision:

Judge Juan Merchan wrote on Friday, 15 March that the trial would be postponed by 30 days from the date of his letter, meaning it would begin in mid-April.

Oliver O’Connell15 March 2024 21:15


Giuliani political advisor reacts to Fani Willis ruling

“It defies logic for Fani Willis or Nathan Wade to remain on this case, considering the clear evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, including evidence of financial gain and providing untruthful testimony.

“This whole show-trial should concern every American, including those who won’t be voting for President Trump, because while they might be targeting President Trump and Mayor Giuliani today, they’ll eventually come for you too—that is the danger of remaining silent in the face of injustice. The encouraging news is that more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that this whole show trial is part of a larger effort to keep President Trump out of the White House and to silence his supporters.

“It’s a sad day in America. We are showing the world that the United States no longer has a fair system of justice.”

Ted Goodman, Political Advisor to Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Oliver O’Connell15 March 2024 21:13


BREAKING: Judge postpones Trump hush money trial by 30 days

Judge Juan Merchan has delayed Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York by 30 days.

A hearing on discovery issues raised by the defence will be held on 25 March — the original trial date — and jury selection will tentatively start on 15 April.

This is a developing story…

Oliver O’Connell15 March 2024 20:46


Full story: Fani Willis accepts Nathan Wade’s resignation stressing the stakes of Trump’s Georgia case

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has accepted the resignation of her outside prosecutor and former romantic partner who was hired to lead a sprawling criminal case against Donald Trump and his allies for their alleged scheme to overturn Georgia’s election results in 2020.

Nathan Wade’s notice arrived hours after Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee determined that Ms Willis and her office should step aside or Mr Wade should withdraw following several days of hearings on allegations that she financially benefited from his hiring.

His letter to Ms Willis and her reply underscored Mr Trump’s alleged efforts to overthrow 2020 results and the years of work among prosecutors to get the case to trial, after they spent weeks hearing salacious allegations from Mr Trump and his allies that prosecutors argue were designed to embarrass them and distract from the case against the former president.

Oliver O’Connell15 March 2024 20:45

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