Fulton County Judge Allows Fani Willis To Bring Trump Case To Trial

A Georgia judge ruled on Friday that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may proceed with her sprawling election interference case against former President Donald Trump after she spent weeks defending herself against corruption allegations.

However, for Willis to proceed, Judge Scott McAfee ruled that prosecutor Nathan Wade, whose relationship with Willis caused the motion to dismiss the case, must remove himself from the case. If Wade does not remove himself, then Willis must be removed instead, McAfee ruled.

Willis charged Trump and more than a dozen co-defendants last year with meddling in the 2020 presidential election. While Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee dismissed a handful of the charges Wednesday, the most consequential ones remain.

Over a span of weeks, McAfee heard details of Willis’ romantic relationship with Wade, whom she had hired as a special prosecutor to help with the Trump case.

Both Willis and Wade took the stand to defend themselves from accusations of impropriety. They maintained that while they had discreetly dated, their intimate relationship had not begun until 2022 after Willis had hired Wade.

Attorneys for Trump and some of the other defendants had claimed the pair began their relationship in 2019, and thus Willis had improperly hired a romantic partner.

Co-defendant Michael Roman, through his attorneys, initially made the accusations against Willis and Wade in an explosive January court filing that argued Willis used Wade for her own financial gain. Because the pair were dating, he would pay for dates, trips and meals with money that came from public funds, Roman’s lawyers suggested, with scant evidence.

Willis vehemently pushed back on this allegation. In charged testimony, the district attorney said she and Wade split costs evenly, with the exception of a vacation she paid for in honor of his 50th birthday after battling cancer.

Willis said she did not have receipts to prove her version of events, however, because she paid for many things in cash.

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