Trump leads Biden in Georgia, according to CBS News poll

ATLANTA, Ga. – A CBS News poll shows former President Donald Trump leading the man who ousted him from the Oval Office four years ago, President Joe Biden, in the Peach State.

Trump leads Biden by 51% to Biden’s 48% in the CBS News/YouGov survey, which was conducted among 1,133 Georgia registered voters interviewed between March 4-11, 2024. Its margin of error is plus/minus 3.9 points.

Trump’s edge, according to CBS News, is driven by a small group of Biden’s 2020 voters switching to Trump, boosted by favorable views of how Trump’s policies would affect Georgians’ pocketbooks.

Trump, 77, and several Republican allies are under indictment in Fulton County for an alleged organized crime-like attempt to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election.

That election saw Biden become the first Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1992 to win a deep Southern state’s presidential primary and arguably propelled the career politician to the presidency.

Poll highlights

  • Voters in Georgia believe Trump is more likely U.S. democracy than Biden. Many Trump voters still believe there was widespread voter fraud in Georgia in 2020, and among Trump supporters is a widespread feeling the charges and indictments against him are politically motivated.
  • A majority of Georgia voters prefer abortions in the state to be mostly, if not entirely, legal, but they are not all voting Democratic. About three in 10 of them currently prefer Trump to Biden.
  • Most voters said Biden is not focused enough on inflation and the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Republicans and Trump 2020 voters are likelier than Democrats and Biden 2020 voters to say they will “definitely” vote. More Biden ‘20 voters than Trump ‘20 voters are now thinking of voting for the other party.
  • About one in five of Trump supporters in Georgia said they wouldn’t consider him fit if he were found guilty by a court.
  • Suburbs around Atlanta who were critical to Biden’s 2020 success are now leaning Trump.
  • Trump’s support has improved a bit among voters of color. Most Black voters feel Trump is trying to earn their support. The poll found 17 percent of them today are picking Trump over Biden, an improvement from Trump’s 2020 Georgia showing.
  • Voters under 50 and men who voted for Biden four years ago are the likelier groups to be considering switching to Trump. Switching to Trump is also more prevalent among self-described moderates and independents.

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