Trump Hit With Harsh Truth After Harsh Truth From Former Voters In Scathing Ads

Republicans who have in the past voted for GOP nominee Donald Trump explain exactly why they will never do so again in a damning series of testimonials released by the Republican Accountability PAC.

The conservative group is spending $50 million on itsRepublican Voters Against Trump campaign to spotlight “real former Trump voters making the case for why they won’t support him in November,” according to a news release.

Former Trump voters reel off a long list of reasons for not backing the four-times-indicted former president in a video released on Tuesday.

They condemn the twice-impeached ex-POTUS as the “biggest threat to democracy,” “responsible for the violence on Jan. 6” and more.

In another video, a Virginia Republican called Beth explained how the Trump-incited U.S. Capitol riot was “like a sucker punch” and made her realize “this is not the party that I thought we had.”

Trump’s 2021 decision to throw his then-Vice President Mike Pence “under the bus, to the wolves and the lions” for not helping him overturn the 2020 election result made Beth “sick to my stomach,” she said.

She’d back any rival if Trump’s “evil” is on the ballot and President Joe Biden’s administration had been “a bit refreshing, she admitted. “I’ll take kind older man any day over the tyrant.”

In a third clip, a former service member called Dennis condemned Trump’s derogatory comments about U.S. veterans and war dead.

Trump only thinks about protecting himself, he added.

The Republican Accountability PAC is one of several conservative groups seeking to prevent Trump from returning to the White House.

Its campaign will “target wing states, with a focus on the ‘blue wall’ battlegrounds,” per the news release. “Its goal is to re-create the anti-Trump coalition that won in 2020 by targeting soft GOP voters and Republican-leaning independents.”

“Former Republicans and Republican-leaning voters hold the key to 2024, and reaching them with credible, relatable messengers is essential to re-creating the anti-Trump coalition that made the difference in 2020,” said Sarah Longwell, its president.

“It establishes a permission structure that says that—whatever their complaints about Joe Biden—Donald Trump is too dangerous and too unhinged to ever be president again,” Longwell explained. “Who better to make this case than the voters who used to support him?”

The videos will air “on TV, streaming, radio, billboards, and digital media,” according to the statement. However, while such ads attacking Trump (especially from conservatives) have gone viral in recent years, their actual effect on swaying voters remains up for debate.

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