Jon Stewart Taunts Sen. Katie Britt With 1 Burning Question About Biden Speech

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on Monday highlighted one of the weirder moments from Sen. Katie Britt’s (R-Ala.) widely mocked rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address that he felt “didn’t get as much attention” as it should have done.

“Who smiles when they say the line ‘steeped in the blood of patriots’?” he asked.

Stewart suggested it was “just one more entry in the Republican mythology that they are the inheritors of the American revolutionary tradition, that they somehow are more American-y than non-Republican Americans.”

The comedian aired one supercut of Republicans claiming they are “real Americans” and then another montage of conservatives declaring their love for the Constitution.

Stewart called out GOP claims of patriotism after broadcasting footage of Donald Trump supporters saying they’d be happy for him to be a dictator if he returns to the White House.

Trump voters can support the four-times-indicted ex-POTUS however they want, argued Stewart. But he urged them to “stop framing it as patriotism because the one thing you cannot say is that Donald Trump is following the tradition of the founders.”

“He is advocating for complete and total presidential immunity. His words, not mine,” he added. “That is monarchy shit and it’s your right to support it. But just do me a favor for historical accuracy. Next time you want to dress up at the rallies, wear the right fucking colored coats. Because that’s what you are.”

Stewart then jumped into character as Britt to deploy an overly dramatic conclusion to his monologue. “And I want you to know, we see you, we hear you. Enough,” he said, as the senator.

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