Presidential Historian Spells Out What U.S. May Be Under Trump Only Next Year

NBC News presidential historian and author Michael Beschloss on Thursday pulled no punches when he warned — once again — what to expect from a possible second Donald Trump administration.

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, Beschloss sounded the alarm in an interview on MSNBC when he said: “We could be a dictatorship next year if Donald Trump is elected and carries through on his threat to suspend the Constitution.”

“That’s what’s at stake,” he underscored.

Beschloss encouraged Biden to spell out in his SOTU address the danger facing the United States if four-times-indicted presumptive nominee Trump wins back the White House.

Biden has to “confront the elephant in the room and say, ‘This is a year when we Americans have to choose whether we’re going to live as a democracy, as a republic, or as an authoritarian system,’” the historian suggested.

“That’s what FDR was doing in 1941. Nazis, fascists, Imperial Japanese were rampaging around the world and he said you Americans have to choose and also for you Americans that think that we need to be fascist at home to compete with other fascist governments, which a lot of people were saying, he said we need these four freedoms: freedom from want and fear, freedom of speech and religion,” he added.

It’s the latest in a line of warnings from Beschloss.

Last year, he said Trump was “actually telling us outright” that a second administration would be a “presidential dictatorship.” “This is something that we have never seen before ever in American history,” he said at the time.

The author also urged voters to take Trump at his word over comments about using the military for his personal agenda. Trump “has told us he’s going to use the American military” to “suppress his domestic opponents,” he said. “This is what authoritarians do. This is what fascists do.”

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