Milwaukee voters respond to Biden’s SOTU, ‘He held his ground.’

President Biden gave his last “State of the Union” address last night before the November election.

He touched on everything from the southern border and crime to domestic manufacturing and even his own fitness for the job.

TMJ4 News watched the president’s speech at Gee’s Clippers with about a dozen voters that included Joe Biden and Donald Trump supporters, and undecided voters.


TMJ4 News

TMJ4 News watched the president’s speech at Gee’s Clippers with about a dozen voters that included Joe Biden and Donald Trump supporters, and undecided voters.

The local panel was seen nationwide on Scripps News.

Michelle Mackey is a Milwaukee school teacher and Biden supporter.

“He held his ground, spoke eloquently to all the Democrats across the board of the United States.”

Mackey sees the southern border security as a critical issue and had hoped Republicans and former President Trump would have supported a bipartisan deal to secure the border with new asylum restrictions to reduce the flow of migrants.

“It was locked and ready to go two weeks ago, said Mackey. And when President Donald Trump says hey, don’t do it. You left the US border south of the border open. And that’s not good.”

Stephanie Morris is a social worker and Biden supporter. “I like how he talked about housing and affordable housing. Yes, he spoke to me clearly.”

Travis Clark watched the same speech but with a far different conclusion. He was the lone Republican and Donald Trump supporter participating in our voter panel.

“Biden’s speech didn’t speak to me personally,” said Clark,

He believes for too long African Americans have traditionally voted for Democrats without looking at Republican options.

“I feel that we are at the point with this election, that Blacks are also fighting for their soul and their survival in this country.”

Retired Police officer and former aldermanic candidate P. Thomas Thadison III is concerned about the current “tribalism’ in American politics. He sees Biden as less divisive.

“Everything is divisive when it comes to the GOP standard leader right now, which is Trump, said Thadison. I mean, Bidden, on the other hand, is talking about unity and bringing the country together. We are the United States of America, not just people. Everybody is a part of the United States.”

Clark – a former Republican congressional candidate in Milwaukee, says both sides need to find a way to come together to talk about the issues.

“I’m telling my community and people who look like me of color that we have to make it about the issues. These are hard conversations that we have to have with both political parties,” said Clark.

Biden’s age continues to be a huge concern with voters in poll after poll but not for 82-year-old Theotis Clark.

The retired laborer is all in for Biden in 2024. He’s not worried about the 81-year-old president’s ability to get the job done.

“He getting results for what he’s doing, you can see it, you can feel it.”

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