People Are Shocked By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Bizarre Confession

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. this week offered up a wild defense of his association with late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein that probably didn’t help his campaign.

Kennedy has previously said he had been on Epstein’s private plane twice.

In an interview on the Flagrant podcast released on Wednesday, he admitted that Epstein was hardly the only notorious character he hung out with.

“I’m in New York for most of my life. You run into everybody in New York,” Kennedy said. “I mean, I knew Harvey Weinstein. I knew Roger Ailes. I knew, O.J. Simpson came to my house. Bill Cosby came to my house.”

Epstein wasn’t bragging about knowing them or defending any of those individuals.

“You don’t know these people are swamp creatures until all this stuff comes out,” he said.

In the full interview, Kennedy also spoke of being on Donald Trump’s plane ― and comparing it to Epstein’s ― then offered details on his encounters with Epstein, who he claimed essentially admitted to financial crimes during their very first meeting.

“I did see creepiness immediately,” Kennedy said of Epstein.

Kennedy’s long list of dubious acquaintances earned him plenty of attention on social media:

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