Super Tuesday 2024 results live: Biden and Trump surge to early wins | US Election 2024 News

Approximately seven states offer voters the option of selecting “uncommitted” instead of a specific candidate during this evening’s Super Tuesday races.

That option has been key to a protest movement simmering against Biden, the Democrat incumbent. Voters in the state of Michigan, for example, rallied together to protest Biden’s “unwavering” support for Israel during its war in Gaza by selecting “uncommitted”.

That protest effort garnered nearly 13 percent of the state’s Democratic primary vote in February. Now, with Super Tuesday, advocates are hoping to send a similarly strong signal in states like Minnesota, a key battleground.

That state, for instance, has a large Somali-American community, numbered at approximately 86,610. Groups like Take Action Minnesota have pushed to follow in Michigan’s footsteps and organise a protest vote against Biden.

After Super Tuesday, Georgia and Washington also have “uncommitted” campaigns taking place during their Democratic primaries. And in states without an “uncommitted option”, some protest votes are going to lesser known candidates like the progressive Marianne Williamson.

Marianne Williamson speaks into a mic.
Some protest votes have gone to progressive Democrat Marianne Williamson [Brian Snyder/Reuters]

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