‘Idiot’s not enough of a word’ to explain Trump supporters: MSNBC’s Mika

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski brutally slammed Donald Trump’s supporters for cheering the quadruple-indicted former president’s “treasonous personality.”

The ex-president has sewn up the Republican nomination running on a campaign message of “America sucks,” and Brzezinski and “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough roasted Trump and his “shameless” supporters.

“You sit and watch cable news, these young men and women in uniform go through basic training, they kill themselves, they sacrifice their lives, they get assigned to go somewhere across the globe for three years,” Scarborough said. “For three years, committed to one thing: protecting and defending you, protecting and defending your rights, protecting and defending the United States of America, and you trash them, and you vote for a man who trashes them? That is just shameless.”

Brzezinski was puzzled over why that message resonated with Trump’s supporters, and her conclusion was scathing.

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“One explanation for that, though, and by the way, that American story, is one of the many beautiful things that you can say about America, that commitment to our values, to our Constitution,” Brzezinski said. “But one of the reasons why you have those people clapping is not just the — idiot’s not enough of a word, I think that he has a treasonous personality, Donald Trump is working for Russia. But the reason why these things get clapped for and support for is it’s swallowed not just by them, but they get this information from the networks and from their members of Congress.”

Scarborough stopped her at this point to ask her to clarify her remark.

“You don’t think that Donald Trump is working for Russia,” he said, “you think that his actions help Russia.”

Brzezinski declined to walk back her assessment.

“Well, I think that he — I don’t know what’s going, honestly,” she said. “I don’t know what drives his behavior that benefits Russia. Fair?”

Scarborough found himself in agreement.

“When you’re constantly undermining the United States military and trashing them and constantly praising Vladimir Putin, I mean,” Scarborough said.

“By default,” Brzezinski added, “it’s working for Russia.”

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