Faked AI Images Targeting Black Voters: The New Strategy of Trump Supporters | by Jason Benskin | The Quantified World | Mar, 2024

Welcome, dear reader. In an intriguing yet deeply concerning development, Trump supporters have allegedly turned to technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), as a new weapon in their political campaign. Their target? Black voters, a segment reputedly less supportive of Trump!

Using AI images that are misleadingly manipulated, known as deepfakes, they try to engage with these voters. Deepfakes are one of the modern technologies’ most controversial gifts, allowing the creation of realistic but doctored images and videos, brilliantly faked.

  • Explicit case of deepfakes used as a political weapon.
  • Specific targeting of Black voters.
  • Concerns rise over the ethical implications of artificial intelligence usage in politics.

“Technology, when used irresponsibly, can not only manipulate our senses but also our beliefs. Such use of AI in political campaigns crosses a line, highlighting the urgent need for clear guidelines and regulations”, warns a leading tech ethicist.

Photo Credit: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-68440150

In the lines that follow, we dive deeper into this troubling matter, unwrapping and presenting before you the details of this politically motivated technology misuse for whom the stakes are incredibly high — the democratic process itself. Let’s delve in!

Fears continue to mount about the use of artificial intelligence in the dissemination of false information, particularly ‘deepfakes’. A form of digital impersonation, these are AI-synthesized images, videos, or sound recordings that depict individuals saying or doing things that they, in truth, did not. The scale of the problem is sobering. Considering the ingenuity of these AI fakes, they have the potential to spread disinformation and hate…

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