‘Weekend Update’: Colin Jost Names 1 Thing That ‘Horrified’ Biden During Border Visit

“It is being swarmed by criminals and rapists,” said Jost as a picture of Trump appeared next to him.

Jost remarked that Trump looks “good behind bars” as “SNL” flashed a picture of the former president behind fencing during his stop in Eagle Pass, Texas.

He went on to mock Trump over what he called a “pretty harsh” message for migrants before playing a video of the former president waving and pumping his fist at people on the Mexico side of the border.

“They like Trump, can you believe it?” said Trump after he waved to the group.

“No, I can’t believe it,” Jost said in response to the clip.

“The migrants don’t like you, they just walked 1,000 miles to get to the edge of this river and they’re probably thinking ‘Is that weirdo in a Trump costume waving us into the country?’”

You can check out more of “Weekend Update” in the clips below.

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