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NEW DELHI: US former President Donald Trump’s diehard fans had waited all night in the rain, negotiating with security to get a glimpse of their favourite political idol.

These all diehard fans came to attend a rally in the Virginia capital of Richmond on Saturday where Trump vowed to “win big” on Tuesday, when 15 states will choose their presidential candidate on a day that could put him within striking distance of the nomination.

As soon as the organisers opened the gate for the rally, Trump’s supporters rushed to the front row, ignoring “Reserved” signs, and grab their spots.

“We got perfect seats, Trump’s going to look right at us,” beamed Scott Knuth, 57, sporting a red, white and blue jersey labeled “Front Row Joes.”

“They will need a bulldozer to get me out,” he said with a laugh, more than two hours before Trump’s speech was scheduled to start in Richmond, the capital of Virginia.

Knuth saw Trump for the first time in 2015 and since then he keep going to his rallies and also couldn’t be more happier as he sees the supporters in rallies swell. He had also had spoken to eight times and taken multiple selfies with Trump.

He’s well-versed in the rhythm of a Trump rally: a sea of red “Make America Great Again” caps bob in an arena filled with lively music, the energy crescendoing as the main event approaches.


“It has a rock show kind of feel with the music, how it builds up, everybody gets going,” Knuth explained.

It’s hard to match Edward Young’s enthusiasm for Trump — Richmond is his 73rd rally.

“The Trump rallies are the greatest show on Earth,” the 64-year-old said with a frenetic energy.

On Friday, he worked until 6 pm then drove from New Jersey “all night in the rain” to arrive in Virginia at 4 am to be in position to snag a front row seat.

“I haven’t slept,” said Young, who helps small businesses manage their debt.

Young and Knuth attract admiration from Trump fans who are seeing their political idol for the first time.

But this devotion comes at a steep cost. In 2016, Young totally threw himself into Trump’s campaign, so much so that he was at the victory party in New York on election night. But his pocket felt empty after few days.

The cost of following Trump this election cycle continues to accumulate, with Young spending thousands on gas, hotels and other expenses since January.

He remarked that he was one widowed and twice divorced and is childless and this is the reason he don’t mind spending all on Trump ort his rally, or just in supporting him.

“I believe I’m a warrior now. Because America is dying,” he said.

“This is a civil war in America. And I’m fighting with my words. And with my presence at these rallies.”

Refusing to reveal his identity, a Front Row Joe a few seats away at the base of the podium claimed to be at his fifth Trump rally.

After leaving his wife and daughter at home for the weekend, he came to discover the “family” he is forming by going to the activities.

He remarked, “Once you come, you’re hooked,” as the

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