‘She’s destroying her political career’

By Jon Michael Raasch, U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com

00:18 03 Mar 2024, updated 00:29 03 Mar 2024

  • Former President Donald Trump is expected to address voters in Richmond, Virginia, on Saturday night
  • Attendees at Trump’s the Get Out the Vote Rally slammed Nikki Haley for staying in the race as she looks to win her first primary election
  • Earlier in the day, Trump won the Missouri Republican Primary 

Voters at Donald Trump‘s Get Out the Vote Rally in Richmond, Virginia, did not mince words about whether the former president’s challenger Nikki Haley should continue in the race. 

The Saturday rally drew thousands of enthusiastic Trump supporters to the Greater Richmond Convention Center in the commonwealth’s capitol

Fans of the former president came from all over the state and lined the blocks around the convention center hours before he was set to deliver remarks.

Republican voters at the rally were eager to share a message with Trump’s final GOP primary challenger Nikki Haley: Get out of the race.

‘Just back off and back out and make way for the candidate that’s actually going to win the nomination for 2024,’ Scott, from Woodbridge, Virginia, told DailyMail.com.

‘She said ‘I’m not going to run against President Trump’ and then she did,’ he said, adding she ‘stabbed him in the back.’ 

Scott (L) and another Trump supporter cover their hearts during the national anthem
Former President Donald Trump has been dominating opponent Nikki Haley in recent polls

‘She’s destroying her political career, her future,’ Scott continued. ‘She’s hanging on to nothing. She hasn’t won one state.’

Another voter from Woodbridge, Dave, told DailyMail.com, ‘I think she’s just trying to derail anything from Trump. It’s just not working, but, you know, she’s trying.’

Trump has beat Haley in all of the early primary states where they’ve both appeared on the ballot – Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina Michigan and Missouri.

The former president also won the Nevada caucuses and a symbolic vote for Trump – voters choosing ‘none of these candidates’ – bested Haley in Nevada’s presidential primary.

Haley, however, has vowed to press on, telling supporters that she would continue in the race through Super Tuesday, March 5, when 16 states and American Samoa hold primary contests.

But Republicans at the Trump rally Saturday night told DailyMail.com they wish she was already out of the race so the party could unify around one candidate.

‘I think generally as a person she’s probably a nice lady,’ Sean, a Virginia voter, said. ‘At this point I think she is silly.’ 

‘She should get behind the president and support him and be a team player. I think right now she’s wasting her time and it’s a show.’ 

Another voter, Duchess, said she may support Haley in the 2028 elections, should she run. But, she added, Haley’s 2024 campaign has ‘been supported by a lot of the Democrats.’  

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley is still looking to win her first primary

‘It’s passed time for her to get out,’ Jonathan Emord, a Virginian who is currently running for U.S. Senate, said.

‘She should not prolong this any longer. We need to unify behind President Trump.’

A Saturday NY Times/Siena poll found that Trump is leading Haley by 55 points in the race for the Republican nomination going into Super Tuesday. 

Voters at the rally also shared why they are so enthusiastic about backing the former president.

‘He’s going to bring back us getting our own oil,’ Dawn said. 

She added that gas and grocery prices under Trump were cheaper, and her biggest issue under Biden has been the increased cost of everyday goods. 

Dave told DailyMail.com he sees Trump as the best candidate to solve the ‘immigration problems were having right now,’ and that his past track record proves his ability to handle the ongoing crisis. 

Trump, meanwhile, sailed to another primary victory over Nikki Haley on Saturday, beating her handedly in Missouri. 

The next primary will occur Sunday in the District of Columbia.

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