Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Real Reason For This ‘Shameless’ Move By Trump

She’s vowed to spend all of the organization’s money on her father-in-law’s presidential campaign — but on Wednesday’s episode of his late night show, Kimmel suggested another reason for the move.

“Making your daughter-in-law chairperson of the RNC, even for him it’s shameless,” Kimmel said of Donald Trump. “He’s trying to turn the Republican Party into a family business because his other family business is about to get shut down by the state of New York.”

“In case you’re wondering what Lara Trump’s credentials are, she has a degree from a culinary school, she once worked as a personal trainer, she was a producer on ‘Inside Edition,’ she hosted something called ‘Real News Update’ from 2017-2020, and she married Eric Trump,” Kimmel said, naming one of the former president’s sons.

“The last time [Donald] Trump endorsed a blond this unqualified for office was when he endorsed himself,” he added.

Check out more from Kimmel’s Wednesday night monologue:

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