Veterans Group Delivers Damning ‘Putin’s Puppet’ Warning Over Trump

A veterans group has hammered Donald Trump as “Putin’s puppet” in a new ad that calls out the former president’s latest attack on the NATO military alliance.

Trump at the weekend said he’d encourage Russia to do “whatever the hell they want” to NATO members who don’t “pay their bills” (ignoring the fact that member countries don’t actually pay fees but instead promise to spend 2% of their GDP on defense).

“Putin’s puppet is back with a vengeance and Republicans are marching in lockstep, following orders to strangle the freedom fighters in Ukraine, threatening to break the NATO alliance that’s kept the West safe and encouraging Putin to invade our European allies,” began the narrator of the spot released by the VoteVets progressive political action committee on Thursday.

“Just ask the people of Poland, Finland and the Baltics whose borders are already under assault from Russia whether they trust Putin the way Trump does,” he continued. “Ask the parents of American service members if they are ready to sacrifice their kids’ lives for Trump’s weakness.”

“Whatever happened to Republicans standing up for freedom? Whatever happened to Republicans standing up for America?” the voiceover concluded. “Now, it’s appeasement through surrender and blind loyalty to a Russian dictator and his puppet in chief.”

It repeatedly went after then-President Trump during the 2020 election, calling out his derogatory comments about America’s war dead and more.

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