Trump supporters scared me into filing bogus electors papers: Former Wisconsin GOP chair

Andrew Hitt, the former chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party, told Anderson Cooper for an upcoming CBS’ “60 Minutes” that he filed paperwork falsely claiming that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election because he was intimidated by Trump’s supporters.

In the upcoming episode, Hitt says that he only filed the paperwork related to the fake electors as a contingency on the chance that courts reversed President Joe Biden’s win in the Badger State.

He said he was scared of what would happen to him if the courts reversed the decision and there were no alternate electors in place.

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“If I didn’t do that, and the court did throw out those votes, it would have been solely my fault that Trump wouldn’t have won Wisconsin,” Hitt said in the interview. “Can you imagine the repercussions on myself, my family if it was me, Andrew Hitt, who prevented Donald Trump from winning Wisconsin?”

“It was not a safe time,” he added to Cooper. “I would be scared to death.”

As “60 Minutes” noted, Trump specifically called out Hitt during an appearance in Wisconsin where he told a crowd that “I’m going to blame you, Andrew,” if the election results weren’t overturned in Wisconsin.

Hitt and other Wisconsin fake Trump electors settled a civil lawsuit late last year in which they acknowledged that Joe Biden legitimately won the state, while also pledging to never again serve as Trump electors.

The clip was provided to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinelby “60 Minutes.”

In a 2022 deposition with a House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack, Hitt asserted that he was concerned about his personal safety when signing the paperwork.

“There was just a general concern about — about safety,” Hitt said, according to the transcript. “And … how we were going to keep everybody safe if somebody wanted to disrupt something or if there was a protest that would occur.”

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