Stephen Colbert Sums Up Trump’s List Of Legal Woes In 4 Blunt Words

Colbert quipped that Thursday marked an “insane day” for America while it was a “regular day” for the current GOP front-runner. There were court hearings for two of Trump’s four criminal cases, one in New York for his hush-money case and another in Georgia for his 2020 election interference case.

Colbert added that he knows how “numb” Americans have become to Trump’s legal woes but declared that it’s “not normal” for a presidential candidate to pause their campaign to defend themselves in multiple courts.

“And I would like to point out that in all seven of his cases, no one, no one doubts that he did these things. We’re just sitting around patiently waiting to find out if the wheels of justice will grind fast enough for there to be any consequences,” he said.

He continued, “And the media’s covering it like it’s any other political story, like it’s all horse race. But in this horse race one of the horses is old while one of the horses is old, has hoof-in-mouth disease and keeps quoting horse Hitler.”

You can check out more of Colbert’s “Late Show” monologue below:

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