Witness In Fani Willis Misconduct Hearing Says Relationship Predates Trump Case

A witness in the misconduct hearing regarding Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade testified Thursday that the two were in a romantic relationship long before Willis hired Wade to help litigate Georgia’s election interference case against former President Donald Trump.

Robin Yeartie, a college friend and former colleague of Willis, told the court the two “met at a conference” and began dating in 2019.

That’s three years before Wade previously testified the two began dating, in 2022, after Willis had hired him to work for the DA’s office.

Wade attempted to address the discrepancy when he took the stand after Yeartie, emphasizing that in prior testimony he was asked if he’d engaged in a relationship “during the course of [his] marriage.”

He told the court his marriage “was irretrievably broken” in 2015 after his wife at the time had an affair, but they agreed to postpone the divorce until after their youngest child went to college.

“Because my marriage was irretrievably broken, I was free to have a relationship,” he said. Wade and his former wife filed for divorce in November 2021.

Willis faces a potential ethics violation over the relationship, jeopardizing the timing of the trial against Trump should she be disqualified from the case. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee didn’t rule that out in an earlier hearing.

The former president and 18 co-defendants face criminal racketeering charges for trying to overturn Georgia’s electoral results in the 2020 election. Four of the defendants have already pleaded guilty.

One of those co-defendants, former Trump campaign official Michael Roman, filed a motion against Willis in January, claiming her “improper, clandestine personal relationship” with Wade tainted the case.

The motion also alleged that Willis benefited financially from Wade’s hire, accusing him of using the more than $650,000 he’s earned in legal fees to take Willis on vacations and other trips.

Wade disputed that characterization while under oath Thursday, and said Willis reimbursed him in cash for her half of the travel.

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