Mary Trump Criticizes Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Comeback

Stewart helmed the Comedy Central program on Monday following a nine-year absence and proceeded to rip both President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump, referring to them as “these fucking guys” who will likely contest the 2024 election, and who are both “stretching the limits” with their abilities to take on the top White House job.

“Not only is Stewart’s ’both sides are the same” rhetoric not funny, it’s a potential disaster for democracy,” she wrote on X, formerly Twitter. In a second post, she added: “I know Donald, and the media has to stop with the both sides bullshit.”

In Mary Trump’s email newsletter, she expanded on her position and accused Stewart of marking his return “by HELPING my uncle with his both-sides bullshit about President Biden’s age.”

The stakes in 2024 are “existential,” she argued, and Stewart had entered “the Twilight Zone of bothsidesism.”

Biden’s “accomplishments are astounding,” she wrote, citing “record economic recovery; historic climate and infrastructure investment — massive achievements in an era of vanishing bi-partisanship.”

Trump is a “cruel, unfit, rapist who, in addition to being a criminal defendant under four indictments, sides with our enemies at every opportunity,” she added. “There is no comparison.”

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