Jimmy Fallon Absolutely Drills Eric Trump Over Dad’s Endorsement Of Lara Trump

The Tonight Show” host imagined a phone call in which the former president tells second son Eric Trump he needs a smart person for the job, then orders him to pass the phone to his wife Lara.

“That’s right, they’re entrusting the party’s future to the wise judgment of someone who married Eric,” Fallon sniped.

“When asked how he landed on Lara, Trump was like, ‘Ivanka said no,’” the comedian continued in Trump’s voice.

Fast-forward to 0:43 for Fallon’s Trump family takedown:

Trump, the GOP frontrunner, made the endorsement after a New York Times report that current chair Ronna McDaniel told him she would leave the post following the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24.

Trump also recommended North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley as chair to pair with Lara Trump.

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