Joe Scarborough Challenges Rich ‘Freaks’ Backing Trump To Do 1 Thing

Joe Scarborough on Tuesday delivered a critical message to wealthy Americans who want former President Donald Trump back in the White House because, they claim, President Joe Biden is a “socialist.”

The cohost of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” cited one multimillionaire he knew who’d been “bitching about” how “Biden is a socialist, is surrounded by socialists.”

But when the unnamed man was challenged over his claim, Scarborough said he couldn’t justify his position by citing any socialist Biden policies. Instead, he just said he knew he was one.

“Well, he must just know he is because he listens to Fox News, Fox Business or Newsmax or something like that,” Scarborough suggested.

Scarborough then proposed a way that rich Americans can figure out how the U.S. economy is really faring under Biden.

Trump has repeatedly claimed it’s been tanked by his successor, although low unemployment, a recent robust jobs report that stunned even Fox anchors and stock market records may indicate otherwise.

“Look at your 401(k),” Scarborough urged. “If you’re one of these rich, country club types that drive your Ferrari or your Maserati to the country club and bitch about how horrible the economy is, look at your stock app and see how much money you’re making every hour because there’s not a crazy lunatic in the White House, there’s somebody who actually respects the rule of law.”

“There’s actually somebody who respects American democracy and, yes, there’s actually somebody that respects American capitalism and what keeps it stable,” he added. “But these freaks, I’m not exactly sure what they think they’re gonna get from Donald Trump, but they’re gonna get none of that. So, just look right in front of you right now when trying to figure out whether he’s up to the job or not. Your 401(k) suggests he is.”

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