Ronna McDaniel set to leave RNC in the spring

“Nothing has changed. This will be decided after [the] South Carolina” primary on Feb. 24, said RNC spokesperson Keith Schipper.

The former president in recent months has criticized the RNC for its decision to hold primary debates, which he refused to appear in, and has said the committee should be more focused on voter integrity issues. Trump allies, meanwhile, have raised concerns about the RNC’s fundraising. The committee has less than half the amount in cash on hand as the Democratic National Committee.

Trump sidestepped the matter of how long McDaniel would stay on as chair in a Truth Social post following their meeting, saying that “Ronna is now Head of the RNC, and I’ll be making a decision the day after the South Carolina Primary as to my recommendations for RNC Growth.”

Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump said “any speculation beyond the president’s post on Truth is just that — speculation.” The Trump campaign would not elaborate further on Trump’s meeting with McDaniel. News that McDaniels is slated to step down from her post was first reported by
the New York Times

Should McDaniel step aside, her successor would need to win a majority of support from the committee’s 168 members. Trump would likely have a major say over who succeeds her. The former president would conceivably endorse a candidate, who would then need to win the support of a majority of the committee’s 168 members in an election.

During the meeting with Trump and McDaniel, the former president mentioned North Carolina Republican committee member Michael Whatley as a potential replacement, according to the Republican operative and another person familiar with their conversation.

Another likely contender, Drew McKissick, the RNC co-chair and the South Carolina Republican Party chair, called Trump yesterday and told Trump he wanted the job, according to the Republican operative and two additional people familiar with their conversation.

Trump could make further changes to the committee, such as putting one of his campaign lieutenants at the RNC and ensuring they have operational control.

During an interview with Newmax on Monday night, Trump was asked if he thinks McDaniel should step aside.

“Well, I think she knows that. I think she understands that,” Trump said.

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