Former Sen. Claire McCaskill Reveals The ‘Nightmare’ About Trump’s Biggest Fans

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) on Tuesday ripped Donald Trump for his response to the appeals court ruling that he can’t claim absolute immunity for acts committed as president. She slammed the former president’s untruthful reaction as just the latest in a long line of his lies.

Trump ranted on his Truth Social platform about the 3-judge panel’s decision, baselessly calling it a “political weapon” from President Joe Biden. The four-times-indicted ex-POTUS ended with a demand to, “SAVE PRESIDENTIAL IMMUNITY!”

“This is the worst loser on the face of the planet,” McCaskill told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi. “America has never seen a loser like this guy because a bad loser is someone who can’t lose gracefully. He can’t lose anything. So what does he do? He lies.”

McCaskill highlighted Republican 2024 front-runner Trump’s long, long, long history of falsely claiming things are rigged. She explained, “He just spouts this stuff endlessly and he believes that repetition matters. Frankly, the track record shows that it may matter because the majority of his diehard followers believe that all these disparate election officials were rigged and in the tank, even though Republicans won in the same districts, even though court after court turned him down in terms of any evidence of fraud.”

“Now he’s going to say the courts are rigged, the FBI is rigged, he says the judges are rigged, the prosecutors are rigged, everybody is rigged, E. Jean Carroll, that case is rigged,” she added.

McCaskill said it is “just fascinating” that Trump’s supporters “are not waking up and realizing that every time this guy loses, he lies and he feeds them a bill of goods that things are rigged.”

“It is depressing, it is sad and frankly I hope America wakes up because this is a bad dream in many ways, this is a nightmare,” she said.

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