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Forget the drone of misinformation from supporters of President Donald Trump. Respected fact-checkers don’t support them.

At’s January update

, you learn employment under President Joe Biden increased, adding 10,726,000 jobs since his inauguration, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s 1,239,000 more than the February 2020 peak when Trump’s economy collapsed due to his mismanagement of COVID-19

Some 750,000 manufacturing jobs were added during Biden’s term, including a 6.2% increase in his first 23 months, which was 149,000 more than the loss of manufacturing jobs in February 2020 when COVID-19 mismanagement hampered supply chains. It makes sense Americans were cautious about foods and other goods being contaminated by employees refusing to mask or get vaccinated.

Additionally, the BLS reported that gasoline prices dropped 27.5% in the last part of 2022, falling 9.4% in December alone. Gasoline prices rose $1.15 per gallon during the first year of Biden’s administration and rose briefly to $5 last June, during attempts to punish Russia. But six months later they dropped to $3.09. However, even during an up labor market, little or no competition occurred among large oil companies, which probably agreed to cap prices to avoid losing money.

Yes, inflation reached record numbers during Biden’s first two years but rose only 0.9% in the last half of December. Recently, there have been several consecutive months of falling inflation despite what you hear repeated by Trump supporters. Biden’s head of the Federal Reserve raised rates until prices eventually had to come down, a strategy President Ronald Reagan’s Federal Reserve leader also used.

Little of this progress is mentioned by Trumpers since his re-election depends on constantly reinforcing negativity about Biden’s economy.

Peter W. Johnson


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