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Fresh off a record-setting win in Iowa, Trump supporters lined up in the snow to hear him speak at the Atkinson Country Club.

Edward X Young drove 11 hours from Brick, New Jersey to Atkinson, New Hampshire overnight for his 66th Trump rally. He says nothing can change his mind, not even 91 felony counts and a civil case in New York.

“Look. We’re out here in this near blizzard. It has strengthened our resolve. My resolve. I wouldn’t do this for any other candidate,” Young said. “The people prove that he is the man who belongs in the White House, just like yesterday’s caucus proved in Iowa. I mean, historic – biggest margin ever – more than all the other candidates combined.”

Coming off former President Donald Trump’s win in Iowa’s caucuses, candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are turning their attention to the Granite State.

Young isn’t the only Trump supporter who feels that way.

“I think the majority of them are fake,” said Jeffrey Wentz of Windham, New Hampshire. “They’re just making up these claims until he’s proven guilty he’s innocent we live in America that’s the bottom line. Prove him guilty. Let’s do it.”

“The penalty is the process. They want us to sit down and shut up. So no I’m not concerned, I think it’s politically driven,” said Terese Bastarache of Loudon, New Hampshire. “I believe we need a businessman and someone who’s good with foreign policy, versus a career politician leading the charge right now.”

With a week to go before the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary, the candidates remaining in the race for the Republican nomination are trying to drum up support.

“It’s phony charges that they try to make up on him,” said Sal Mize of Newton, New Hampshire, while braving the snow and sub-freezing temperatures in shorts. “He’s the one who cares about the U.S. and the people.”

Here’s why the voters at the rally said they support Trump:

“We had a great economy, roaring economy, jobs were up. We had a secure border we had a great strong military. We had respect around the world. We weren’t being laughed at like we are right now,” said Zachary St. Pierre of Somersworth, New Hampshire.

“What people’s 401ks are worth, what you’re paying for taxes, what you’re paying for interest rates, what you’re paying for eggs — or whatever it is at the store — it’s crazy,” said Bill Vadeboncoeur of Raymond, New Hampshire. “God bless the man. Who in their right mind would want to do something like this and deal with the crap at his age? Yeah, he’s up there, but he’s got a good mind compared to you-know-who.”

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