Ex-GOP Lawmaker Has Urgent 2024 Message For Former Trump Loyalists

On MSNBC Sunday, Riggleman said it’s “absolutely” important for those who no longer support Trump to publicly back Biden. As examples, he pointed to former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci and former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), both of whom have said they would vote for Biden in his likely rematch with Trump this year.

“This is a person that you don’t want anywhere near … the Oval Office again,” Riggleman told MSNBC’s Alex Witt of the quadruply-indicted former president. “This is an individual that is out of touch with reality, or pretends that he’s out of touch with reality, to actually ignite the base, or to try to make the base violent, or to do things outside of what normal behavior would be.”

Riggleman said that when he considers what Trump has done and what kind of people he has surrounded himself with, “there’s nobody else who I’d vote for but Joe Biden.”

Numerous former Trump associates and officials have in recent months spoken out about the former president and warned about the dangers of a potential White House return, but some have stopped short of saying they’d vote for Biden.

Riggleman later shared a RawStory editor’s tweet about his comments, writing: “Yes. I said this.”

“I am done identifying with a party,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “I am an American— and right now that means supporting Democratic institutions and our way of life no matter what.”

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