Megyn Kelly expresses disbelief over Trump supporters pushing Taylor Swift conspiracy theories

Megyn Kelly expressed her bewilderment at the spread of “bizarre” conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift, particularly among people she typically agrees with. The theories, which suggest that Swift is being used as a political pawn by the Pentagon or liberal figures like George Soros, have been promoted by some Donald Trump supporters.

Kelly, during her SiriusXM podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show,” lamented that “people on the right who I like and respect are pushing this. The focus on Swift’s romantic relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce has also drawn attention from Trump backers, especially after Kelce appeared in ads for Pfizer promoting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kelly questioned the fear surrounding the attention on the couple, stating, “People are acting like Taylor Swift actually holds the key to the presidency.”

Speculating on Swift and Kelce’s potential political leanings, Kelly suggested that they would likely vote for Biden but questioned why people were living in fear of their influence. She emphasized that even if Swift endorses Biden, it wouldn’t swing the election, and urged Swift to stay nonpolitical for the sake of her popularity.

Kelly is frustrated with the conspiracy theories

Other media personalities, such as Chris Cuomo and Charles Barkley, also weighed in on the conspiracy theories. Cuomo dismissed the theories as “crazy sauce” and “completely divorced from reality,” emphasizing that Swift hasn’t even endorsed anybody. Barkley, on the other hand, took a more direct approach, calling out those promoting the conspiracy theories as “losers” or “jackasses.”

Overall, Kelly’s tone conveyed a sense of frustration and disbelief at the spread of these unfounded theories about Swift. She highlighted the insignificance of Swift’s potential endorsements in influencing elections and emphasized the importance of Swift staying out of politics for her own benefit. The comments from Cuomo and Barkley added to the sense of incredulity and disapproval toward the conspiracy theories surrounding Swift.

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