‘Don’t unite’: Trump ally tells fellow supporters to reject Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump is having Ron DeSantis speak at events as they both encourage all Republicans to rally around the former president, but one of the ex-president’s allies is telling a different story.

Laura Loomer, who has been floated as a press secretary hire in Trump’s potential future administration, already spilled the beans on her dispute with fellow Trump ally Marjorie Taylor Greene, who many say is seeking to be V.P. Now, she’s apparently encouraging ongoing infighting between Trump world and team DeSantis.

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“My message to all of the Trump supporters who support me: Don’t unite with [DeSantis],” Loomer wrote Tuesday. “There is no unity with people like this.”

Taking her call to action a step further, the former Republican candidate encouraged all of Trump’s supporters “to keep working against DeSantis and all of his associates the same way he continues to work against Trump and his supporters.”

“Don’t give DeSantis or his ingrate supporters any grace,” she added.

Loomer was responding to a report that DeSantis’ team had put pressure on a state GOP official to cancel an appearance on Loomer’s show.

In a follow-up post, Loomer said the response showed how “powerful” she is

“Going on my show would have created a ‘crisis’ for the [Florida GOP]? Really?” she asked. “What’s going to create a crisis is if the grassroots who like me and follow me don’t have confidence in the state party and they go broke like the RNC. [DeSantis] wants to drag the party to failure like his failed Presidential campaign.”

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