DeSantis campaign donations dropped over the course of his run

The latest filings posted Wednesday also show the campaign spent $833,382.46 on travel, nearly as much as the $865,091.35 it spent on payroll for campaign employees. The governor is known to use private jets for travel, but the report shows the travel spending from the campaign mainly encompassed hotels, commercial flights and car rentals.

The DeSantis campaign outsourced a significant amount of traditional campaign tasks to Never Back Down, the super PAC that supported the governor’s candidacy. The PAC also funded private jet travel,
The New York Times reported

The spending and fundraising for Never Back Down for the second half of 2023 hasn’t been publicly released yet, but is expected ahead of a midnight Wednesday deadline.

DeSantis endorsed Trump after he dropped out of the race, saying he didn’t see a way to win the GOP nomination. Trump hasn’t yet reported his fundraising totals to the FEC, but the former president has shown strength with small-dollar donors.

Among the difficulties for DeSantis’ presidential bid were that big
donors maxed out contributions early
, and a significant portion of the funds couldn’t be used until the general election.

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