CNN’s Dana Bash Tries ‘Not To Laugh’ At Latest Right-Wing Meltdown

CNN’s “Inside Politics” anchor Dana Bash on Tuesday admitted she was “trying not to laugh” as she read aloud online posts from conservative personalities who baselessly claim that pop star Taylor Swift is some kind of operative for the Democratic Party.

“Prominent right-wing figures are speculating that her relationship with Travis Kelce is made up and that the Super Bowl will be rigged for Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs and the end game is Swift endorsing [President Joe] Biden after the big game,” Bash explained.

Former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, podcast host Mike Crispi, Donald Trump-embraced Laura Loomer and media personality Benny Johnson have all advanced the “very bogus claims,” noted Bash.

CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy agreed the arguments are “absurd” and “outrageous” against Swift, who did endorse Biden in 2020 and has become increasingly vocal in encouraging her fans to vote.

“But they are coming from some of the most prominent voices in right-wing media and so while us in reality, consuming credible news information, might laugh at them because they are so ridiculous and outlandish, the people who are swimming in this polluted right-wing information space, you could see how they might apparently be attracted to some of these ideas because they are being inundated by them from some of the most prominent voices,” he added.

Darcy pointed to Jesse Watters’ recent “Pentagon asset” claims about Swift on his widely watched prime-time show on Fox News as another example.

“God forbid there’s an incredibly powerful woman who tends to just do things the way she wants to do them and she seems to like this football player,” responded Bash.

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