Colbert Spots Brain Test Trump Flunked In Front Of Everyone

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert on Monday mocked Donald Trump for obsessing over one strange issue.

“This man never lost sight of what matters most to voters: That he once took a cognitive test that checks for brain damage,” he cracked.

Trump has repeatedly boasted about how he “aced” the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), which he took in 2020 when he was president. That’s the widely mocked “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.” test that checks for the cognitive damage that could indicate dementia.

As such, it’s supposed to be easy.

But the former president has insisted that it’s difficult, and did so again over the weekend in a clip Colbert played.

“They give you six names in a row, I took a lot of heat on this, they give you six names in a row at the beginning, ‘Sir, I’m gonna give you six names.’ Good,” Trump explained. “A chair. A hat. A badge. A necklace. And a vote.”

Colbert found “a lot to unpack” in that one short clip.

“First of all, those aren’t names. Those are things,” Colbert said. “He also said they give you six names: Chair, hat, badge, necklace, vote. That’s only five things.”

Then, he broke out his impression of Trump.

“Y’know cognitive tests are like jazz: It’s about all the names you don’t remember,” he said.

See more from his Monday night monologue:

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