Trump Ridiculed For Pledging Endless Love In Campaign Email

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign was mocked on Wednesday after sending an email that sounded more like a mash note than a request for campaign donations.

That’s because the message ran hot and heavy right from the subject heading, which read, “This is President Trump, and I’ll never stop loving you,” according to Axios’ Alex Thompson.

The actual message in the email went into more detail about exactly why Trump loves “you” but it was still simple and played to his narcissism:

Why? Because you’ve always loved me!

You stuck by me every single time the Radical Left tried to KICK ME DOWN.

Even when they took my mugshot at the Fulton County Jail.

I felt your love even when they RAIDED MY HOME.

Through all the HOAXES, WITCH HUNTS, and FAKE INDICTMENTS, you never left my side!

True MAGA Patriots like you are the only reason I’m still standing.

I’ve just got one thing to say:


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