MSNBC Host Trolls Ron DeSantis For ‘Cringe’ Campaign Ending

“Tonight, we pour one out for you, Gov. Ron Disaster,” the host of “Ayman” said after dismissing DeSantis’ effort as “perhaps the single most cringeworthy disastrous GOP primary showing in modern American political history.”

Mohyeldin said the governor then “shamelessly” endorsed Trump, who “spent much of the past year mocking, denigrating and humiliating Ron DeSantis.”

The MSNBC host played a supercut of the “cringe” insults Trump directed at DeSantis: calling him “DeSanctimonious,” mocking his awkward head movements as a “bobblehead.” and accusing of him wearing “high heels,” or lifts in his shoes to appear taller.

Mohyeldin also noted the “dozens of gaps, the awkward exchanges, the uncomfortable smiles” that often marked DeSantis’ events, and rolled a supercut video of some of the governor’s campaign moments that were memorable for all the wrong reasons:

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