Jimmy Fallon Spots Trump’s Most Challenging Moment At Immunity Hearing

Jimmy Fallon figured out Donald Trump’s most daunting moment at his immunity hearing on Tuesday ― and it came down to one word. (Watch the video below.)

Trump argued to appeals judges that he should be granted presidential immunity from felony charges for his alleged role in fomenting the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot while in office. The ex-president’s legal team argued a president can’t be criminally prosecuted unless convicted by the Senate in a formal impeachment vote.

The panel expressed skepticism, and that’s where the confusion kicked in for Trump, the “Tonight Show” host joked.

“One of the judges called Trump’s legal argument ‘paradoxical’ and both Trump and his lawyer looked at each other hoping the other knew what that word meant,” Fallon said. “Trump was like, ‘Paradoxical, I think it’s a dinosaur. I don’t think you pronounce the ‘p’ actually.”

Fast-forward to 1:19 for the “paradoxical” quips:

Trump’s court appearances have become so frequent that the courtroom sketch artist now “just traces the grooves in her desk,” the comedian cracked.

In what could be an even more theatrical showing, Trump is reportedly planning to give a closing argument in his civil fraud trial on Thursday.

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