‘Very Down With Fascism!’ Mary Trump Attacks Trump Supporters Over Support For ‘Insurrectionist’

Ex-presidential niece Mary Trump attacked former President Donald Trump’s fans for being “very down with fascism” because they follow her “insurrectionist” uncle.

The story of the day Wednesday was the Colorado Supreme Court’s bombshell ruling banning Trump from the ballot on the grounds that he violated the 14th Amendment by engaging in insurrection on January 6. The court split on the question in a 4 to 3 decision.

Mary Trump — host of The Mary Trump Show podcast and a strident Trump critic — rushed to get analysis from Call To Activism’s Joe Gallina in a video exclusive to her The Good In Us newsletter subscribers on Tuesday.

The pair took questions from readers, which is when Mary slammed the “tens of millions” who support Trump:

MARY: Let’s say the Supreme Court by some bizarre miracle, does the right thing and makes the right decision. Doesn’t that just answer the question and it’s over?JOE: You would think and it should be. It should be. And I mean, they’ve already ruled that a president incited an insurrection. That should be enough for every adult in America not to vote for him. So we have enough material there to keep him off the ballot or at least keep him out of the White House, and now it’s going to be up to the American people and the rest of the cases.MARY: Well, the

problem is many tens of millions of Americans seem to be very down with fascism, which is one of the problems here. And that’s why it is so heartening that the courts, at least in part or in whole, are getting it right, and why today is such a big deal, I’m not entirely sure what this has to do with Nazi vampire Steven Miller, but Joe, maybe you can help me there.JOE: I was reminded of a chilling statement that I heard from Steven Miller when Donald was president, and it was after the ban on Muslim immigrants. Steven Miller was talking a reporter and he said something like, “The power of the president will not be questioned.” Something to that effect. And it really was bone-chilling. And it shows that the right is putting their ducks in a row for a very strong Republican president to take office and to have way more powers than we’re traditionally used to a president having. And so it does create a chilling effect when Republicans are willing to give the president so much latitude and ignore these very, very important checks on presidential power. And I think that this issue has only just begun, and we’re going to see it come up again and again as this authoritarian streak continues to expand on the right.

Watch above via Mary Trump’s The Good In Us.

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