The Colorado ruling — Is Trump a threat to Democracy or isn’t he?

FILE – Trump supporters participate in a rally Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. The Colorado Supreme Court hears arguments in a case seeking to use the Constitution’s insurrection clause to keep former President Donald Trump off the ballot. Both sides are appealing a ruling from a district court judge who found Trump incited an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, but could remain on the ballot regardless. (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)

Is Trump a threat to Democracy or isn’t he?

Re: “Colorado Supreme Court: Trump off the ’24 ballot,” Dec. 20 news story

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that former President Donald Trump cannot be on the 2024 Colorado ballot. Why? Mr. Trump has not been charged, let alone convicted, of any crime from the Jan. 6, 2021, events at the U.S. Capitol. Our top justices have resorted to convicting someone prior to any fair trial or following the constitutional requirements of due process. These actions have eliminated any creditability and judicial independence the Colorado Supreme Court had.

Trump may or may not win the Republican nomination. If nominated, he may not win the election. But the outcome will be decided by the American people. Trump is an egotistical narcissist and does not deserve my vote. The irony is that he may win the sympathy vote and a second term due to the Colorado Supreme Court’s actions.

The actions of the Colorado Supreme Court were wrong and out of line. These justices should resign since their credibility and judicial independence have been reduced to zero. As far as  Trump goes, Nikki Haley is catching up. Should Joe Lieberman or Sen. Joe Manchin run, the presidency is completely in the hands of the voters — as it should be.

Jeff Jasper, Westminster

As a retired civics teacher, I appreciate the complexity of the courts and the ballot and applying the ban on insurrectionists holding office. As a Colorado citizen, I support this historic ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Alexander Hamilton argued that the Courts must weigh in on these issues (not voters) in Federalist #78.

James Madison argued in Federalist #10 that “factions” posed a threat to democracy.

I would argue that both Madison and Hamilton would approve of Tuesday’s decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to remove Trump from the ballot.

I would argue and also support the position that, as Commander in Chief, Donald Trump violated his Oath of Office and that the Colorado Supreme Court rightly decided this issue. Some suggest that this is a witchhunt, but say that to the families of those heroic officers who were injured defending the Capitol on Jan. 6.

After reading today’s Post, I must say that this is a proud moment for me as a Colorado citizen. The Colorado Supreme Court stood up for our republic.

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