Jake Tapper Spots The ‘Shocking’ Results Of Republican Poll On Trump’s ‘Hitler Language’

Jake Tapper reacted to Iowa Republicans rolling with Donald Trump’s “Hitler language” after the former president’s anti-immigrant “poisoning the blood” remarks sparked condemnation that he was echoing the Nazi leader.

The CNN anchor, on Wednesday, cited a “shocking” Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom poll that shows 42% of the state’s likely Republican caucusgoers saying the GOP presidential frontrunner’s comment makes them “more likely” to support him whereas 28% said they were less likely and 29% said it doesn’t matter.

“So, a plurality of Republican caucusgoers … say, ‘More please, I like this Hitler language,’” he noted.

David Frum, a staff writer for The Atlantic, told Tapper that Republican candidates have a chance to run the race they want to run.

“What you can know, the only thing you can control is the kind of candidate you are and if you lose, how you will look back on your loss,” Frum said.

“There are candidates who can look back and say, as Ted Kennedy said in 1980, ‘I fought the good fight.’ Do you want to be the candidate who looks back and says ‘I fought a disgusting fight?’”

Doug Heye, a former communications director for the Republican National Committee, pointed to the term “Iowa nice” before declaring people in the state to be the “nicest” in the world.

“But what we’ve seen in the Trump era is that part of the Republican base is not so nice. And another part of the base, so you combine these two, anything that Donald Trump says they’ll just say, ’Yeah, give me more of that,′ whether they think about it or not,” Heye said.

“And what troubles me isn’t just the language that Trump uses, but if he’s using it and then wins, what is he going to do within that rhetoric? What are the actions that follow the rhetoric and that’s what gets us to a very, very un-American place.”

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