Seth Meyers Shares The 3 ‘Nicest’ Possible Things He Can Say About Trump

The “Late Night” host offered up the joke after taking a look at some of the former president’s remarks to Fox News’ Sean Hannity at a town hall event in Iowa on Tuesday.

Trump told Hannity he only planned to act like a dictator on “day one” of a new presidency if he were to be elected again, and compared himself to the infamous gangster Al Capone, whom he called “the greatest of all time, if you like criminals.”

Meyers said he wasn’t sure what else Trump could do to make his dictatorial intentions any more obvious.

“He’s made his intentions abundantly clear,” Meyers said. “At this point, the nicest thing you can say about him is that he’s an aspiring dictator, he’s in cognitive decline, and he’s the ‘greatest of all time, if you’d like criminals.’”

He enlisted a video of Trump for that last bit.

Watch below on “Late Night.”

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