Tucker Carlson Gives Disastrous Take On Becoming Donald Trump’s Running Mate

Tucker Carlson on Thursday said the prospect of being Donald Trump’s running mate is, well, out of this world. (Watch the video below.)

When asked by rightwing comedian Roseanne Barr on her podcast about teaming with the former president on the potential GOP ticket for 2024, Carlson replied: “I put that in the category of an asteroid striking the Earth. Good or bad, it’s so far outside of my control.”

The ousted Fox News personality, who now hosts a show on X (née Twitter), said he was flattered but noted he’d “never been in politics.”

Barr then asked if Carlson would accept Trump’s request. “I guess I’d have to think about that,” Carlson said.

Trump, the Republican front-runner, said in early November that he would consider Carlson “because he’s got great common sense.” There was some validity to Carlson being a vice presidential contender on Trump’s ticket, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said later.

The development was considered somewhat surprising given that Carlson was revealed to have expressed his hate for Trump in a text.

But on Barr’s podcast, he said he always agreed with Trump’s policies and declared, “I certainly support Trump.”

However, Carlson, whose episodes on Fox News were rife with racism, conspiracy theories and white nationalist talking points, explained that becoming a politician himself was hard to wrap his head around.

“I have spent my whole life looking at politicians and commenting on them and passing judgment on them, and I’ve never run for, you know, room mother,” he said. “And the idea of that is so far from anything I’ve ever done, it’s kind of hard even to imagine.”

Fast-forward to:40 for Carlson’s take on possibly being Trump’s running mate.

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